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April 3, 2023

I had a terrible experience with Nexcess hosting. Their services were far from satisfactory, and I cannot recommend them to anyone. The response time to my tickets was extremely slow, and I would sometimes have to wait up to 2-4 days for a reply.

Furthermore, my website would crash whenever there were more than 800 or more concurrent users, even though I had the most expensive plan they offer. This was unacceptable, and their technical staff could not fix the issue. They promised me multiple times that they had resolved the issue, but it kept happening repeatedly.

During a livestream event with paid members, my website was down for more than a day, which is totally unacceptable. Their services are not reliable!

After switching to Hostinger recently, I had no issues with my website, and it could handle up to 5000+ concurrent users without any problem. It’s clear that Nexcess hosting does not have the capacity or technical expertise to handle high-traffic websites.

I should also mention that I had a similar experience with Futurehosting, which ran the service before Nexcess took over. At least with Futurehosting, the support team answered queries quickly, but the site still crashed in same way like with Nexcess. They do not have the capacity or technical staff to fix anything or help out when needed.

I advise everyone to stay away from Nexcess hosting. Their services are unreliable, their technical support is inadequate, and their pricing is not worth the hassle. Choose other hosting services that can provide better support and handle high-traffic websites.


Used to be great at Magento Hosting

April 3, 2023

I signed up for Magento hosting and after I paid and signed up I was informed i couldnt transfer my domain due to it being newer than 60 days. There is no information or any type of popup or note informing people of this if they are trying to transfer a domain. I was told that they would do everything on the technical end of it but its not true and if you are looking for a more user friendly way to set up hosting, don’t waste your time and save yourself the headache and go somewhere else. I am also still waiting on my refund that has been longer than expected.

A Blair



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